Backup Text Messages directly from iPhone 5 to PC

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Backup Text Messages directly from iPhone 5 to PC

Post  EmilyFaye on Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:22 am

Backup Text Messages directly from iPhone 5 to PC
Extract and Recover iPhone 5 Messages

Key Words: backup iPhone 5 Messages, recover iPhone 5 Messages, extract iPhone Messages to PC

Description: Want to restore some important Messages in your iPhone 5 for backup and previewing? Do not want to suffering from the limitation of the iTunes backup? Below is the way to teach you how to make it possible.

In the last few years we’ve see texting( SMSs, iMessages, text messages, etc.) rocket in popularity. These messages are replacing phones calls, voicemails and even e-mails. Some SMSs and iMessages can be priceless to you so that you may want to backup and restore them on your computer to avoid losing them accidentally.

“I choose iTunes to backup my messages on the computer, then how could I preview them?”

If you turn to iTunes for help, that tool only supports to store your info and the previews data would be replaced when you synced your iPhone to iTunes. So, anyway to solve this dilemma? Certainly Yes! iFonebox works great to help you not only restore your iPhone 5 text messages, but also allow you to preview them on your computer.

Free download the trail version to experience how to backup and restore these text on your computer.

Win: iFonebox
Mac: iFonebox for Mac

Tip: This iPhone 5 Messages backup tool could allow you to recover deleted or lost Messages from your iPhone, if you use iPad, you could also restore iMessages in it.

Extract and Recover iPhone 5 Messages

Step 1: Choose Recovery Mode

Install and launch iFonebox, connect your iPhone 5 with your computer. Then just choose “Recover from iOS Device” as follows:

Step 2: Start scanning iPhone 5

Then the iPhone 5 messages recovery tool will automatically start scanning and analysis your devices. The scanning time will depends on the database in your iPhone 5. Wait patiently if there is a large data in your iPhone 5.

Step 3: Backup iPhone 5 messages to PC

When the scanning is finished, all the data in your iPhone 5 will be displayed in iFonebox’s interface in categories. Click “Messages” to preview all the contents in your messages, including the deleted. Then click the “Recover” button on the top right of the interface to backup all the text messages on your computer.

Tip: If you already have the backup in your iTunes and want to restore them on your computer for preview, iFonebox is suppose to retrieve these data from iTunes backup.


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