Convert MKV to M2TS for playback on PS3 with tsMuxeR

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Convert MKV to M2TS for playback on PS3 with tsMuxeR

Post  EmilyFaye on Thu Jul 17, 2014 12:26 pm

Convert MKV to M2TS for playback on PS3 with tsMuxeR

I have some TV episodes that I ripped from Blu Ray to MKV for watching on my laptop. Now, I want to change them back to M2TS so I can watch them on my PS3. I have done this many times before using tsMuxeR with no issues at all. I always set compression to "None," or else I get an "Invalid H264 NAL unit size" error. For some reason, whenever I use tsMuxeR to convert to M2TS, the stream comes out totally scrambled. I used the latest version of mkvmerge (5.4.0) to make the MKVs originally, so I don't know why I am having any issue changing them back to M2TS now. Has anyone else had this problem?

PlayStation 3 (PS3) is not only one of the best Game Console, but also a built-in Blu-ray Player as well as a High definition media player. We find that PS3 does not support the MKV / Matroska container, but it will support much of the audio and video that can be stored in the MKV container. Do not abandon them, this article will teach you how to convert MKV to M2TS for playback on PS3 with tsMuxeR.

Here, tsMuxeR, a freeware developed by SmartLabs for users to create TS and M2TS files for IP broadcasting as well as for viewing at hardware video players (i.e., Dune HD Ultra, Sony PS3 and others), can not only extracts (demuxes) the video and audio from the Matroska MKV file and wraps them (muxes) to a M2TS transport stream format, but also merge multiple M2TS streams into one file.

The steps:

Convert MKV to M2TS for Playback on PS3 with tsMuxeR

Note: Before convert MKV to M2TS for playback on PS3 with tsMuxeR

1. You should check whether the computer hard disk has plenty vacant space. At least there are enough space that can hold the entire copy of original MKV.

2. Make sure this MKV file contains AVC video and AC3 audio. If not, you need to learn how to transcode other video or audio codec to AVC/AC3.

1. Click "Add" to load the mkv video to tsMuxer.
2. You can chage lever of the audio tracks
3. Select "M2TS muxing" mode.
4. Browse to where you'd like to save the subtitles.
5. Start remuxing MKV to M2TS for playback on PS3 with tsMuxeR by click "Start muxing".

After remuxing, the video or audio remain untouched, so the quality is not impacted and the process is very fast. This the best guarantee of preserve native MKV razor-sharp image and crystal-clear sound.

Best Alternative of tsMuxeR

Want to find a decent tsMuxeR alternative software and wanna get a masterful MKV to PS3conversion, then Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate (You can also get 20% off coupons.) is your fist choice which can deal with Blu-ray, DVD and virous videos fantastically. With easy workflow, it will help you not only MKV to M2TS, but also remove copy protection of Blu-ray,DVD and convert other videos for futher watching on PS3, Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, PSP, Xbox and DVD player with great quality. (Full Review)

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